Chris Huff

Founder, Behind the Mixer Since 2006, I've taught the art of live audio production, in the house of worship market, through a focus on all the essential skills - technical, creative, and interpersonal. Mixing, that's only part of the job.

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I started mixing in 1991 on a Mackie SR24:4 – an ancient mixer by today’s standards. I began with zero experience and an expectation for excellence. Now, with my share of live audio battle scars, I can be found behind a modern digital console. In 2006, I started to teach others the art of live audio production, specifically to the house of worship market where I started. My teaching focuses on all the necessary skills - technical, creative, and working with people. Today, the site offers guides, articles, a newsletter, and a podcast.

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Build, Lead, and Grow A Successful Team

June 04, 2020, 01:30 AM
Chris Huff