Nathan Short

Audio and Acoustics ★ Sound Production ★ System Design, Installation & Consulting ► Technical Management

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As a full time Audio Specialist and Production professional with 20+ years of in field experience , I combine my solid electrical knowledge and in-depth understanding of acoustics measurement and planning to produce the best quality in a multitude of deployments. I work all technical aspects of sound and production to provide the best possible experience for an audience or establishment patron. A rich and diverse history overseeing and in the trenches facilitating Live Production, Stage Management, FOH, Monitors, System Tech, Stagehand, and Tours around the Country and Internationally by Plane, Train, Bus and Van.

My areas of expertise include: ➡ International OEM product sourcing and design ➡ Consulting for major manufacturers products for improvement ➡ Design and installation of sound system in top nightclubs, sports bars, churches, international live music venues, rock clubs, multipurpose venues, and lounges ➡ Workflow coordination of multiple trades ➡ Component evaluation/testing ➡ Top DJ reinforcement from Club to Festival ➡ Construction site management ➡ Complete turnkey touring systems with full cable packages for plug and play ➡ High Level Acoustic Analysis/Measurement software: including but not limited to System Tuning, System Time Alignment, Linear, Aesthetic, and Psycho-acoustic Adjustment of speakers in a multi-zone environment.

I love the challenge that my job provides; from the biggest budget and unlimited possibilities, to fixing and rewiring of a friends local dive bar, I am truly passionate about my job and always give the best to ensure people are blown away by the clarity and overall quality that can be achieved.

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Steps to Success with Modern Dj Reinforcement

June 02, 2020, 01:15 AM
Nathan Short