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Panel: Listen up

A Talk by Bodo Felusch and Johannes Kraemer

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About this Talk

This panel discussion is about sound quality and listening.

Does sound quality really matter? And for whom? Isn't there a huge discrepancy between “sounds great!” for you and your customers? And if yes, why? Have you ever heard a customer saying “this sounds bad something”? Or have you already reached the “sound guru status” and your customer typically say “this sounds bad ass, you're the man!” even if it's crap for you?

You can measure the magnitude ans phase response of your PA system, but how do you measure the overall sound quality? How can you develop your hearing skills to produce and judge audio quality?

We will discuss these topics with german top notch A1 operators from the perspective of production planning and operating. The session ends with a highlight presentation of Johannes Krämer talking and presenting “DJ monitoring at large scale festivals” ...or better saying, does sound quality matter at 130 dBspl/bpm?

Moderation: Bodo Felusch


Christian Orth, Florian Hackenberg-Keßler, Michael Häck, Johannes Krämer, Tom Fuhrmann, Jan Hüpper


Christian Orth | O-Lab Audio GmbH

Round about 20 years Chris is hangin´ around in business as monitor engineer or head of audio departments for several large scaled touring and tv productions. Starting his career as a DJ for regional youth partys his path to professional audio was laid down early and certainly. Since few years he’s running a little company for technical planning and consultation as well as his beloved Mixing Suite in Cologne.


Florian Hackenberg-Keßler | Conception Bay GmbH

Soundengineer, PA Tech and Technical Director since 22 years for concerts, festivals, corporate Events and TV-Shows. After several educations in event technology (Bachelor Professional of Event Technology) and trainings in audio system design and optimization his customers are international Artist, TV-Stations and Production Companys. He worked as Head of Sound for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 at Baku.



Tom has been working as a specialist in audio technology for 33 years. His experience has a wide range from Rock n Roll tours through to corporate events up to large TV shows. At GAHRENS+BATTERMANN he’s involved as Projectmanager and Head of Sound.



Jan is an apprentice at GAHRENS + BATTERMANN and has just finished his apprenticeship and is on his way to a sound operator career


Michael Häck | Rational Acoustics Smaart, Germany

Soundengineer and Sound System Designer since 1985. Since 2000, Michael is also Head of Audio at the Lanxess Arena Cologne. Since 2008, Michael is distributor and trainer for Rational Acoustics Smaart for Germany and Austria


Johannes Kraemer | Freelancer

In 1977, Johannes started doing livesound as FoH guy, mixing school bands for 30 bucks per weekend. After 43 years in business he does AV consulting for real estate and worldwide touring with electronic artists. His customers are Richie Hawtin, Brooklyn Mirage NYC, Timewarp, Movement Detroit, Funktion One and KV2 to name a few. He loves exchange of knowledge, which brought him in a teaching roles in universities and seminars like IT For AVs by Bodo Felusch

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June 02, 2020, 06:00 PM

06:00 PM - 07:45 PM

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