Merlijn van Veen

M-Noise: A Test Signal and Method for Measuring Loudspeaker Performance

A Talk by Merlijn van Veen (Noted Audio Educator)

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Loudspeaker manufacturers, consultants, and end-users all rely on specifications to predict a loudspeaker’s performance in the field. Yet, these specifications can vary dramatically from one manufacturer to the next. Until recently, there has never been a test signal and procedure capable of accurately and objectively modeling a loudspeaker’s ability to reproduce the dynamic complexity of music under linear conditions.

M-Noise is a new test signal developed by Meyer Sound to overcome discrepancies between test references and real-world program signals. Using M-Noise, loudspeaker manufacturers, consultants, and end-users can accurately predict a loudspeaker’s output capability when reproducing music linearly under actual show conditions.

This presentation will detail why M-Noise was developed, the unique characteristics that distinguish it from other test signals, and how it enables the effective measurement of a loudspeaker’s linear peak SPL.

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June 02, 2020, 03:45 PM

03:45 PM - 05:45 PM

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Merlijn van Veen

Merlijn van Veen

Noted Audio Educator

Based in Germany, Merlijn van Veen is a noted audio educator, and he also serves as Senior Technical Support and Education Specialist for Meyer Sound.